Get Involved


PMES welcomes new members, new ideas and new input. Please join us in promoting knowledge and understanding of the Middle East. You can:

  • Volunteer to help with organizing, sponsoring and publicizing our programs
  • Invite your friends, neighbors and colleagues to join us
  • Write a letter, phone or email your elected representatives or the news media expressing your informed views.


Annual Membership Dues: 

Individual: $40

Family: $50

Membership dues help defray the cost of sponsoring lectures, cultural events and community activities throughout the year.

At the annual meeting of the PMES, members and their guests enjoy a private presentation and a wine reception.

To become a member, complete the Form  and mail it with your dues to:

Princeton Middle East Society

PO Box 2162

Princeton, New Jersey 08543-2162


All dues and contributions are tax-exempt and are greatly appreciated.