Who we are

The Princeton Middle East Society (PMES), founded in 1983, brings together local academics, business people, journalists and former diplomats and others who strive to broaden the public’s understanding of the Middle East through lectures, panel discussions, cultural events, publicity and political action.

We believe that an informed public is necessary to help the United States government frame responsible foreign policy in the Middle East, and that lasting peace cannot be imposed either by military force or by the systematic denial of the rights of any state or people.

Moreover, we trust that an informed citizenry will respect the historical, political and human rights of all in the region and will reject simplistic approaches to complicated issues.

What we do

  • Sponsor public lectures and discussions.
  • Promote understanding of Middle East culture and society.
  • Organize public and private exhibits and film screenings.
  • Provide opportunities for members to socialize with each other and experts on the region.
  • Manage a LISTSERV that provides articles of interest as well as information on Middle Eastern events in Princeton, New York City and Philadelphia.