Past Events

Panel Discussion on the US, Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen

Presentation with Toby C. Jones and Bushra al-Fusail at Princeton University.

Toby C. Jones is associate professor of history, specializing in the history of the modern Middle East, at Rutgers University, where he teaches courses on the environment in the Middle East, oil and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Bushra al-Fusail is a photographer, filmmaker and human rights advocate focused on Yemen.

The event was co-sponsored by PMES and the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice at Princeton University.



Cookbook Author Laila El-Haddad Serves Up Gazan Cooking and History Lesson


Laila El-Haddad demonstrated how to prepare Palestinian dishes Gaza-style before an audience in the kitchen of the YWCA Princeton. Her talk illustrated the rich culinary history of the area and how Gazans have adapted their cooking to cope with conditions of adversity.

Laila El-Haddad is an award-winning writer, speaker and social activist. She is co-author of the cookbook The Gaza Kitchen Cookbook: A Palestinian Culinary Journey (2016) with Maggie Schmitt.

Syria: Interests & Objectives of Regional Powers Panel Discussion

Discussion with distinguished panelists Hussein Ibish, Arab Gulf Institute; Mark Katz, George Mason University, and Syed Hossein Mousavian, former Iranian diplomat and specialist in Middle East security and nuclear policy, Princeton University.

This event was co-sponsored by the Princeton Middle East Society and the Mandouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice at Princeton University.